Sunday, April 18, 2010


First and foremost I would like to welcome you to my blog.  I hope you find the information that I share, educational, accurate, and down right entertaining.

So lets get started ( this is going to take a bit to catch you up from the beginning of the year :)

This is my first year making it to the front of the boat.  My friends say I'm on the fast track to becoming a very accomplished angler but to me it seems like forever.  As you get to know me, my friends, and my son Connor ( 5 years old ) you will figure that I am a fast track kind of guy.

Lets back up and start from the beginning of the year...January 4th, 2010 I became the proud owner of a 21 foot Triton powered with a Mercury 250 Pro XS.  From there I decided to see what it takes to compete with the best in the west by entering the WONBASS northern events as a AAA and the southern WONBASS events as a Professional Angler. 

In the beginning of February I placed 2nd at the DELTA INVITATIONAL WONBASS TOURNAMENT.  My first day  partner was Duane Dunstone ( who by the way is a good friend and very accomplished angler. ) My second day partner was a local.  Duane was the #1 reason for getting me the 2nd place finish and taught me a new trick with the senko.

As we moved down to the desert we now come to the middle of march at Lake Havasu.  Can you say FUN!!!  Spring break and fishing all packed in to one event was way over the top.  As my debut event as a professional I placed 57th out of 100 boats.  Not too bad but was looking for a better breakout tournament than that.
Okay here is my top 5 favorite memories of Havasu....
 1. Bed Fishing
 2. Bikinis
 3. Mike Folkestad demolishes records and makes everyone go home with there tail between their legs..
 4. Hanging out with good friends, Mike Folkestad, Duane Dunstone, Victoria, Chris Ricci and Tami Curtis
 5. Bikinis " wait I said that already.. Oh well I guess it gets two votes...

Okay back to the matter at hand.   We now head up to Lake Shasta where we met up with Mother Nature who gave us Sun, Snow, Rain, Hail and Wind all in a matter of two days.  It was the first time I have ever fished the lake and had to rely on my boaters to show me what the bite was.  Chasing the spotted bass was a different experience for me but one I kept notes on as well.

I am getting ready for my second tournament as a professional angler up at Lake Mohave.  I will keep you posted in the weeks to come so be sure to stay tuned...

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  1. Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the mention! Welcome to the blogging world. Great site...I look forward to reading your posts. See you at the next tourney.