Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hall of Famers, T.O.C, Bass A Thon, new sponsors!

It's been a whirl wind of a summer so far. I don't know where to start. I cashed a check in this years U.S Open at Lake Mead. I look forward to that event every year. I had a great pattern going in practice and it fizzed out as the lake was getting more and more pressure each day. Regardless it's always good to see all my friends and competing against the best guys in the business!
I would like to extend a sincere congratulations to my best friend and newest member into both the Fresh water Hall of Fame as well as the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Mike Folkestad! Wow to be inducted into both organizations in the same year and still be fishing is quite an accomplishment. Mike is the best in the business period! On and off the water he is a true professional! Way to go Mikey!!!
We just finished our last event of the year for the Won Bass organization up at Clear Lake. I finished in 5th place overall for the Daiwa cup Angler of the Year. To be in the top 10 was one of my goals for the year so overall I am extremly happy with my performance. I know the changes I need to make next year to go after the cup. It's nice to see companies like Daiwa help the anglers out and give us something to shoot for as far as prize money at the end of the year. So Thanks Bill Liston from the Daiwa corp!
This year I have had a couple of new companies sign me on board to fish and represent there companies. I am proud to now be aligned with Damiki Fishing, SavageGear, and Fish Arrow Co. Damiki makes some killer soft plastic baits with my favorite being the Hydra bait. If your doing any bed fishing this upcoming spring your missing the boat if you don't have the hydra in your arsenal. Savage-Gear is flat out the bomb!!! These guys make some unique baits for both fresh water and saltwater fishing applications! Check out the 4 Play swim bait and the lip scull. One of the coolest products I have been using is the new bait tape! Just click on the link and consider it a favor!!! Finally Fish Arrow, this company is based out of Japan and make the best line period! The attention to detail in every application of there products is by far the best I have ever seen. Check out the Flash J...
Bass a Thon is right around the corner over in Southern California and you don't want to miss out on this unique event! Anglers from all over the west come to this event and get the latest and greatest baits that are hitting the market for the upcoming year! Tons and Tons of deals on everything from boats to bait!
I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays this year! I am looking forward to eating some Turkey and playing some golf with the family. A special thanks to Jennifer Duff at Lobina Lures for being my title sponsor for the 2012 season. As we all know Jennifer is the most talented and amazing women in the bass fishing industry. Check out the newest Rico baits in Klicka shad and Risque. When your ready for the topwater bite there is nothing like fishing with a Rico!
In closing, the off season is still busy for me as I am shooting television shows for Fishing 4 Fun Tv, working trade shows, Internation Sportmans Expo I will be on the tanks giving demonstrations on the latest bass fishing techniques. Please visit my other great sponsors this year to fill your bass fishing needs! So fire up your Mercury this winter and chase down some Yamahas!!!

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