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Aug, 2012 Andy Manahl Shake Rattle and Troll US OPEN preview/ Lobina Lures Rico baits.
July, 2012  Andy Manahl has signed on with Japanese Distributor
UOYA Co., Ltd   " Fish Arrow Baits, YGK line.

June, 2012 -  announces Andy Manahl as co-host for upcoming 2012-2013 tv show..

November, 11 - Anglers Marine Bass A Thon trade show

March, '11 - Shake Rattle and Troll Radio Show - 

Jan 21 - Lobina Lure Website
       Article by:  Jody Only
     Nov 23 - Lobina Lure Website
Feature picture on the home page of Andy's Sponsor Lobina Lures
Click here!

Nov 23 - Examiner
Ricci's Recipe spawns new line for Lobina Lures:  Clear Series coming...(read now)
 Article by:  Jody Only

Nov 13 - TC Sports Report Video
WON Bass Championships at Lake Mead Nevada...(view the video now)
by Tami Curtis

Oct 27 - TC Sports Report
Learn tips from bass fishing Pros, during their pre fish...(see full article)
Article by Tami Curtis

July 27 - TC Sports Report Video
Bass Fishing the US Open...(click here to see)
by Tami Curtis

May 30 - TC Sports Report Video
Bass Fishing in the Mojave Desert at Lake Mohave; WON Bass Tournament...(click here to see)
by Tami Curtis

May 19 - WON Bass News
Countdown to Mohave....(read more)
by Rich Holland

Feb 9 - WON Bas News
Events Update:  14.60 shatters WON BASS Delta record...(read more)
Article by: Rich Holland