Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wrap it up?

Wrap it up!!  From my recent article published in Westernbass.com.

It’s that time of the year when we are all finding the elusive sponsor to help us pursue the little green guys for next year. Here are some of the reasons why I choose to market not only myself but my business and sponsors.

Marketing yourself and your company/ sponsors is a highly effective way to reach millions of people each year at a minimal expense. Wrapping your boat and or truck is not only an impressive way to highlight and showcase your business and sponsors, but it is a protection on your investment when it comes time to trade in and or sell. I wrap my boat and tow vehicle every two years and consider it to be a staple in advertising dollars as well as a nice little write off. Let’s face it, we drive a ton every year from tournament to tournament all over the west coast passing millions of cars each day. Why not try to make money for yourself and your sponsors in the process? For me, I own a liquidation mattress company which specializes in selling beds 60-80% off retail prices. No fancy showroom, just a nice clean warehouse with top notch product at liquidation prices. People get it as soon as they walk in and see about 400 beds with price tags two thirds less than all the competition out there. The question is, how do I get em to come see me? Well wrapping my vehicle and boat has produced about 75,000 dollars’ worth of sales to my bottom line this year alone not to mention, friends, word of mouth that comes along with new customers with minimal investment….

Where to start? I prefer the team at A and M graphics in Mesa, AZ to handle my installs. There are tons of companies all over the west who specialize in vehicle wrapping as well as boats. Start by making phone calls and collecting all the information you need so you can put a package together for your sponsors. Get all the stats from these companies so you can let your sponsors know how, who and how many people you will be visible in front of throughout the year. The more information you have for your sponsor to let them know how much more visible is key in to closing the deal and putting money in both your pockets!!

Get creative!! Smart phones are the way of the future. I have seen lately in some fishing magazines as well as other banners, billboards, signs and television ads that companies are starting to use QR codes. What the heck is a QR code? It is an image that you can scan from a smartphone which takes you directly to a website of your choosing. Are the wheels turning yet up there? It’s pretty cool technology if you ask me, and here is how you should do it. On my boat, I have a QR code set up so that if someone scans that code it takes them directly to the Lobina Lures website. It will not only track where they go on the site but where they came from.

If your sponsor keeps track of web visits and unique users to their site they will be able to determine that someone saw your truck or boat and that ultimately led them to check out what the QR code was. This leads to brand recognition and ultimately sales! That’s what they want. How can Joe Fisherman help us grow our business, increase sales and represent our company in a professional manner? I have gathered some facts from my Sponsor A and M Graphics to arm you with a bit of info when deciding on wrapping your vehicle and or boat. “ Example, set up a qr code with a 10% discount associated with your name. This way when someone goes to your sponsors website they know they saw the truck or boat. It’s that simple!!! “ Good luck and have fun with it!!

Here is the Q and A!!!

At A&M Graphics we are always trying to improve our customer’s experience. In doing so we have collected a list of frequently asked questions about our products and services. As always we use only the highest quality car, truck, & boat products. Our wraps are made from weather resistant UV coated 3M vinyl. Its typical life span is 4 years if properly taken care of. If you have other questions that we have not posted here please send us an email to one of our A&M Graphics professionals. Or you can always give us a call | 480-964-4254

What is a Vehicle Wrap? | A vehicle wrap is a vinyl wrap designed with your company graphics, logo and information. It is your “billboard” right on our vehicle. Everywhere you drive consumers will see who you are and what you do without saying a word!
Why Should I Wrap My Vehicle / Boat or Trailer? | 97% recall rate, mobile advertising is more effective than traditional advertising. “Vehicle wraps generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions a day! Traffic Audit Bureau
How Long Does it Take? | Design, print, laminate, install….approximately 1-2 weeks.
How effective is a Vehicle Wrap for Promoting My Business? | In a city of 50,000, you can gain 8.3mm impressions a year.
How Long Does a Wrap Last? | Up to 4 years if taken care of properly.
Who Removes the Wrap? | We prefer that a wrap is removed by a professional.
Does a Wrap Damage My Vehicle’s Paint? | No, when applied and removed correctly does not damage car’s OEM paint, in fact it protects it.
What If I Get A Dent? | We can easily replace the damaged area or panel of the wrap after repair.
Does the Wrap Peel or Fade? | We use only the best products that are warranted to not fade or crack for 3 years.
Can I Wrap a Leased Vehicle? | Yes, because the wrap does not damage the paint.
How Long Does it Take to Install the Wrap? | Typically, 1 – 2 days is required.
Do I Need to Wash my Vehicle Prior to Installation? | Yes, it has to be free from dust, mud and pollen
How Do I Care for My Wrap? | Best to hand wash.
Can I Pressure Wash My Wrapped Vehicle? | We highly recommend that you do NOT pressure wash wrapped vehicles.

I would like to thank my Sponsors, Lobina Lures, Canyon Plastics, A and M Graphics, Lowrance, Reactor Watches, Mattress Depot and The Hook Up Tackle for giving me the opportunity to represent them in the 2012 season. Feel free to visit my website at http://www.andymanahl.com 480-473-5778


  1. . The question is, how do I get em to come see me? Well wrapping my vehicle and boat has produced about 75,000 dollars’ worth of sales to my bottom line this year alone not to mention, friends, word of mouth that comes along with new customers with minimal investment…. who makes the best latex mattress