Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting ready for the U.S. Open!

A lot of stuff has been accomplished this summer! The new Clear Series baits from Lobina Lures is now officially out! Fishing 4 Fun television show is now out! Filming with Johnny Johnson at Lake Roosevelt and much more....You better believe I will have my #570 tied on strapped on the deck for this U.S. Open tournament!! Getting ready for the U.S. Open is not only a mental battle of endurance but physical as well. 120 degree temps for one week solid can really make you exhausted.
I can't wait for this years U.S. Open!!! I spent the whole day on one of my lakes where it was 107 degrees just to start getting the feeling of what it is going to be like once we get to lake Mead. I'm ready for the big show!!! This is a super short post but stay tuned for upcoming episodes on Fishing 4 Fun as well as Tami Curtis's on the lake interviews from the U.S. Open.. Stay Tuned!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Andy...but you forgot one thing! There is a cool episode coming up with you on Lake Roosevelt!