Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bass A Thon Recap, TC Sports Reports Cribs Edition #1???

Yep you heard it Cribs Edition....( We'll get to that a little later!!)

The 2011 Bass A Thon was held at Anglers Marine in Anaheim this last weekend.  What a great event.  Autographs were being handed out like candy from our legendary anglers like Rick Clunn, Jimmy Houston, Mike Folkestad, Skeet Reese and countless others.  The theme should have been named the Alabama Rig Show!  It was amazing to see how a lure can impact a sport of this size so quick.  In case you have been living under a rock this last month bassmaster elite pro Paul Elias tore em up at a FLW event about a month ago with over 100lbs of fish.  I'll let you do the research on your own so you can get up to speed.  Anyway, I picked up a few " Cal A Bama rigs for myself and everyone is coming up with there own twist and ways to fish it.

     My good friend Mike Folkestad and his wife Vicky were nice enough to open there home for the weekend and allow us to attend the show as well as have some good fellowship fun!  Jennifer Duff and I had a booth at the show selling ricos 3 for 20 bucks which is absolutely unheard of.  Don't get use to seeing us at these shows every year because it only happens every four years or so.  Jeff Klicka provided the steaks and carne asada for the meals as well as his usual humor to provide for a very entertaining weekend! Jody and Ryan Only were all filming for advanced angler and Tami was filming for TC Sports Report and other magazine publications during the event as well.  Here is a clip from Jody Only interviewing Mike Folkestad for Advanced Angler.http://www.advancedangler.com/2011IcastVid.asp?SelectValue=Mike Folkestad - Lobina Lures Rico

     Okay, back to the Cribs segment.. While at Mike's house Tami, Jeff and myself were talking the previous year on how to play some tricks on Mike while we were staying there and it actually ended up turning out to be a Cribs edition of the Folkestad house.  We had so much fun messing around with hundreds of plaques, trophies and fishing tackle..  I think Klicka still has a tackle bag of roboworms and yamamoto baits to give back.. We will see if that gets done..  So for now check out Jody Only's publications in the Examiner as well as Tami Curtis on TC Sports Report.  These girls are not only accomplished fisherman but extremely talented in video and editing..

     In closing be sure you keep the TC Sports Report website on your favorites to look for the First Edition of the Cribs episode. There will be more to follow!!  I would like to thank my sponsors Lobina Lures, Mattress Depot, Canyon Plastics, Mercury Marine, Reactor Watches, Costa Del Mar, The Hookup Tackle.  Without these sponsors I wouldn't be able to chase those little brown and green guys!! Until next time!!

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