Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alabama Rig, Bass A Thon, Blown Power Heads, T.O.C, Cancer, 2012 !!

We just wrapped up our 2011 season and I'm getting geared up for our TOC at lake Naciemento and San Antonio over in California.  I am excited to fish both of these lakes because I have never been there so my mind is wide open to throw variety of baits.  It's always a challenge to find pieces to the puzzle on a new lake and hard to stay away from the dock talk...
     Speaking of dock talk, the Alabama Rig is making some serious headlines in a hurry across blogs, chat rooms and fishing forums.. I haven't been around the game that long but have come to this conclusion.  Fish within your states rules.  When I used to play golf professionally the rules of the game were not meant to hurt you but to simply educate you how you play the sport! If the Alabama rig is legal in your state then go ahead and fish it.  The senko, plastic worm, floating minnow were all subject to the same lines and controversy as this (not so new rig).... Enough said I guess...

     The Bass A Thon is coming up at Anglers Marine in Anaheim California!  Lobina Lures is making a huge splash this year with some amazing deals!!Jennifer Duff, my self and the legendary Rick Clunn are all going to be at the booth throughout the two day event so stop by and say hello and enter for a chance to win a Autographed rico from Rick Clunn himself!!  BTW, if chance has it and those little A rigs are for sale I'll be picking one up and modifying it to fish legally in my own waters.
     2012 is approaching fast and I am going to be fishing the FLW everstart events as well as the WON BASS pro am events..  Last year I only entered one FLW event and took 8th place so I am going to try and see if I can have the same if not better success at all 4. 
     I also wanted to take this time to thank Mercury Marine for a professional as well as expedited turn around time on helping me get back on the water and do what I love.  I blew a power head while prefishing for a tournament and was back as good as new within 5 days!!! Mercury you guys Rock!!  Everyone has there favorite power plant on the back of the boat but I am a customer and promoter for Life!  Thank you again Mercury Marine and Brent at Performance Marine in Phoenix, Az for the awesome service!
     As you all probably know my close and personal friend Tami Curtis was diagnosed with cancer.  We are all wishing her a speedy and 100% full recovery so your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Drop her a line on her website and let her know your thinking of her.. Or maybe you just don't want her to keep on beating you!!!! Congrats on going in to the TOC at first place Stick!!! You rock!  Another Congrats to the man himself Mike Folkestad on leading once again our points and soon to be winner of the Daiwa Cup! Klicka the Mad Scientist, and big bird!!  Guess what guys, Mikey's buyin!!!
     In closing the topwater bite is great here in Arizona The Suave 20th anniversary and #570 rio rico are killing em right now so get on the water and throw some lobina lures and get your fish on!!! 

Until next time..  See ya on the water!!!



  1. I'm sitting in my living room right now with a blanket over me in the recliner...on the internt,but still recovering.

    Good thing I'm poor right now Andy, because if I had enough money, I would buy all the A-rigs up before the TOC, just to make sure it stays out of the hands of any competitors! Just kidding.

    Great Post and thanks for the mention! See ya at the Bass-A-Thon...I'm filming anglers at my TC Sports Report stop on by!

  2. Great post, see ya at the Bass-A-Thon! Don't forget Mexico :)

  3. Hey Andy and any other anglers reading this, I just wanted to remind you to think of a good fishing tip and don't forget to stop by and see Tami Curtis at the TC Sports Report/Fish'n 4 FUN TV Show booth.

    PS...this is not Tami's 1st rodeo(TOC) and congrats to Tami on getting Southern Angler of the Year, I believe it's the 1st time a woman has ever gotten that title in the Southern division. ...and she is also leading the Angler of the Year overall.

    Congrats to you both!

  4. Fish within your states rules. When I used to play golf professionally the rules of the game were not meant to hurt you but to simply educate you how you play the sport! If the Alabama rig is legal in your state then go ahead and fish it latex mattress