Thursday, July 18, 2013

I CAST 2013 and the US OPEN!

Well ICAST was a huge success overall for the fishing industry in general! There are so many amazing products coming out! I spent most of my two days running from booth to booth promoting my sponsors who are taking care of me for the 2013/2014 season! First and foremost I would like to extend a sincere thanks to the following companies.

1. Fish Arrow The makers of the famous Flash J and high end Japanese line YGK! Without these guys I would be behind the eight ball on learning new tricks of the trade! I always look forward to their visits to the United States to take them fishing and show me some cool new products coming out of Japan! My favorite bait to throw from this company is the 6 inch fall shaker paired up with a wicky head.. (That's the prop hook you've been hearing about) The Hook Up Tackle Company in Phoenix carrys the fish arrow line so check them out! Wait till you see the FA Hog. (Puts the chigger craw to shame!)

2. Never Slip Bait Tape If you throw a senko wacky rigged you will love this amazing product! Check out the videos and you will save money on your favorite stick baits and learn a few cool tricks with throwing a ball head jig with a grub trailer. This product has a wide variety of uses. The possibilities are endless!

3. Savage Gear USA I had the pleasure to stand along side the man behind Savage Gear. Mads Grosell. This man eats, sleeps, and thinks fish!! Check out tackle warehouse and look for the new crawdad from Savage Gear. For you swimbait guys, well let me just say, your in for a treat. Check out the real trout swimbait! I am going to be helping Mads and his team to fine tune the color scheme of the crawdad baits and I will let you know once we are done!

4. Damiki Baits Mr Kim and his gang have come out with a Frog, Top Water Bait, A new square bill crank bait and some cool new soft plastics. Just follow and look at Bryan Thrift's track Record on the FLW tour and you'll know why he is among one of the top touring pros of the FLW.

I CAST is a special time of year for me because I get to see friends from back east that we only get to watch on TV.

Now on to the US OPEN! It's no secret that one has to be well diversified on fishing ever changing conditions! You have to train yourself physically and emotionally for this huge event! Fishing against Mike Folkestad, John Murray, Rick Clunn, A Mart and the rest of the Elite boys is no easy task! I am so excited to fish this 31st annual event! It is sure to be a success! Just like last year you can watch this event which will be streamed live on the web so check out for more details!

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog but business has been slow in the mattress industry and I have been working 80 hour weeks to keep my triton/Mercury 250 Pro XS afloat!!!

Lastly check out http://www.lobinalures and check out the New Golden Retriever! I'll have that one tied on the deck for the Open!!!


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