Friday, July 19, 2013

ICAST Baits I'll be using for the US OPEN

Below are some of the baits I'll be using for the US OPEN at Lake Mead this September. Well maybe not that big swim bait from Savage Gear but hey ya never know!! Anyway in my earlier post you know the companies and brands I represent.. I still have two companies to tell you about which are Damiki and Lobina Lures. My Damiki box is getting shipped out to me next week so I'll show you what they are coming out with as soon as Santa Clause " I mean the UPS man " drops it on my doorstep. As far as Lobina Lures I am really lucky because my office and their facility is about 3 miles away. So I will dropping in on Jennifer and her team to hand pick some of the Finest Popper baits out on the market!!My Favorites are
#523 Cisco
#570 Manahl's Rx
#572 Chrome Shad
#575 Klicka Shad
#576 Golden Retriever **new color**

I am excited to try out the new YGK line of fluorocarbon as well as the Nylon series.. The G Soul Jig Man x8 line is the smoothest easiest casting braided line I have ever spooled up... Line has come a long way and everyone has their favorites.. But if you get the chance to try YGK line you won't be disappointed... I think I'm turnin Japanese!!!!
Until September, I would advise everyone who is fishing the OPEN to get out and put a couple of long days out in the hot desert sun to get acclimated to the extreme conditions we will be faced with during the super bowl of bass fishing! If you have any questions on the baits or brands feel free to call me at 602-421-5388 or find me on facebook and shoot me a pm..

See you at the OPEN!!!

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