Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fishing 4 Fun, The Hook Incident, and a whole lot of driving

The Fishing 4 Fun crew!!!! The new wrap from A and M Graphics Turned out Great!  If you really want to stand out and promote your business and or sponsors check out my earlier submission on " Wrap It Up ! " 

Well the clear lake tournament was a success for the crew!  1750 miles round trip makes for a long week of fishing.  I met up with my crew the " Fishing 4 Fun Crew ".  Good times had by all at the Clear Lake Invitational put on by Won Bass.  The prefishing was great and had my best day of about 25lbs but we had a front move in that pushed the bass out past the staging areas I was used to fishing.  The Baits for me were..

1.  Nail rigged senko " Baby Bass " on 12lb Seaguar Line
2.  Rio Rico " Klicka Shad " on 15 lb mono
3.  4 inch Roboworm drop shot 8lb seaguar line " Folkestad Special, Aarons Magic "
4.  Damiki crank bait DC 400 blue head on 20lb seaguar line.

There was a little drama on the water with my traveling partner on the final day of practice.  Seems Big Bird " Pictured above in the white tshirt " hooked into a 190 lb so called lively bass!!.  After a quick decision to call up our on call "Doctor"...... Dr. Folkestad, we did immediate surgery to remove a Sexy Shad 6XD from Klicka's right tricep.  The video is still in editing stages and will soon be released for PG viewing/audio.  After removing the hook, re-hooking, a swing and a miss and then the final exit of the nasty treble hook we were back to fishing!!  Trust me, you won't want to miss this video.  Not only is it absolutely hysterical but you will learn how to remove a treble hook and the do's and don'ts of the whole process.

I ended up with 17.04 lbs on day one and 18.76 lbs on day two.  I hate being in the " 1 Fish out of the money each day ".  But more importantly moved my self up two spots to finish in 6th place for overall Daiwa Cup Angler of the Year race.  Special thanks as always to my sponsors Lobina Lures, Mattress Depot, Mercury Motors, Reactor Watches,, TC Sports Report and Damiki Tackle for providing me with the opportunities to represent there companies as well as make some great memories!!!  Next stop is going to be the U.S Open. You can sign up at  If you haven't had a chance to fish this worldly recognized event it is a must for this year.  It's Won Bass 30th anniversary and I am sure there will be some great surprises for all the anglers who are participating!!  My Mercury Motor ran flawlessly as always up at Clear Lake, nothing beats a 250 PRO XS!!!  Stay tuned for new fishing episodes from TC Sports Report


Stay tuned for the " Hook Incident " video coming soon on


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