Thursday, February 16, 2012

Close But No Cigar! Won Bass, Flw, ISE show

First out of the money always stinks!! But more importantly it was a prefish tournament for the upcoming FLW everstart series on Feb 22, 23 at Lake Havasu.  My practice was ok at best but found a lot of fish using the A-Rig on outside mainlake points.  Tournament day I slowed down and caught them all on a drop shot for a little over 28 lbs for two days.. The fishing is going to be fantastic as they are starting to move up and come on the beds. 
     The accommodations for this tournament have been nothing short of spectacular.  I am staying with my best friends and traveling partners at Mike's house about five minutes away from the lake.  Leather couches, Flat Screen TV's enclosed garages to keep the boats safe.....(What a treat!!!)  Sure beats the motel 6.
      I am going to change up my pattern a little bit and throw a new crank bait from Damiki Tackle called the DC 300/400 crankbait series in a shad pattern along the flats and then when I get out to the points switch back to the worm. Talk about a great hardbait at a great price! You can find these baits at the Hook Up Tackle .  A new must have in my boat for sight fishing the beds is the new Hydra Bait by Damiki.  Just go to the previous link and look for the 4 inch white color.  During my practice I will be filming another show with TC Sports Report.  Tami does a great job and puts out some great videos with the nations top west coast pros!  Check her videos and website out.
     After the FLW tournament I have to run back to Phoenix and do a two day demonstration on the tank at the Phoenix Cardinals Stadium.  It's always fun to do those and show people how we are catching fish with the latest and great baits on the market!  Any way I have played a lot of hooky this month so I have to get back to loading some mattresses and make some gas money!!!  I'll put a new post up right after the FLW with some cool pics and a short intro to the new show I'm filming..


P.S.  Quick Shout out to my sponsors Canyon Plastics, Reactor Watches, Mattress Depot and my title sponsor Lobina Lures. (home of the rico) 

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