Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Ricos Won Bass second half swing!

Starting May 1st.. The newest bait from lobina lures will be on sale at all your favorite tackle shops!! You can preorder it now!!  I have a few of them and have been throwing them at my home waters here in Arizona and they are wacking them good on post spawn conditions!!  I have been experimenting with some new baits, and some multi rig presentations for the ricos which I am really excited about... We have some exciting things happening at Lobina Lures and I will keep you in the loop as they let me divulge more information.
     Anyway on to new business.  We are on the second half of our WonBass pro am tournament for the year and have lake Roosevelt in May and Clear Lake in June so I am pumped up and ready to go! I am sitting in 24th place for the Diawa cup already using my throwout so I will jump back up to the top and be looking to get in that top 10 for the end of the year.  Lake Roosevelt is going to have all 3 stages of fishing going on and not really sure what Clear Lake has in store but I know I'm looking forward to catching some 20+ lb sacks of fish everyday up there! 
     I wanted to also let you know that I have recently become partnered with Damiki baits.  These guys have some awesome plastic as well as hard baits. I have been throwing the new hydra bait on beds and they can't stand it!!  If you have some time check out Damiki baits  they have a hi tech website and an online catalog where you can browse through all there products.  Then go find them on facebook and find your closest tackle shop that carries them!!  My favorite baits they make are the dolphin and the hydra.  Also check out the cool looking hula grubs.  I also have teamed up with seaguar line and can't say enough about this line.  The tatsu is the toughest line I have ever thrown.  I normally used 8lb floro on my soft plastics but I have been able to drop down to 4 and 6 lb and still flip em on the deck of the boat!  I know everyone has there favorite line but give it a shot.. It lasts a long time as well! I have a couple of secret baits I'm throwing from fish arrow company this summer which are sure to put some big ones in the bag. My traveling partner Mike Folkestad doesn't even know what I am throwing!!!!(Yet!) 

     If your not signed up for the upcoming won bass events please visit them at and get signed up!  Billy Egan our tournament director and his staff put on a top notch show!! Also check out the tcsportsreport website.  They have some awesome fishing shows and you can now dvr them from your cable company depending on which provider you have!  Stay tuned becuase we have some good shows coming up with Fishin 4 FUN and Fishing with Johnny Johnson which will feature me throwing some of my signature as well as favorite baits catching some big ones. 

See ya on the water!

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